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Chalmers-Wesley United CHurch

Church located in Quebec city.  The community of Chalmers-Wesley reaches back over 200 years to English Methodists and Scottish Presbyterians under Wolfe's command. Regular services did not begin until 1800, when a Congregationalist minister was sent by the London Missionary Society. Out of that beginning came St. John's Presbyterian. In 1853 St. John's built for itself a new church and named it after Thomas Chalmers, leader of the Free Church movement in Scotland. In 1931, following the creation of the United Church of Canada, the Wesley (Methodist) congregation joined Chalmers (Presbyterian) to form Chalmers-Wesley United Church. The Wesley building, another striking example of neo-Gothic architecture, still stands on St. Stanislas Street, not far away.

A volunteer choir leads the Sunday service of the Chalmers-Wesley Parish and offers special musical events throughout the year. Chalmers-Wesley has one of the longest continuous choral traditions in Quebec City.


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