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Shrine of Ste-Anne-de-Beaupré

The Ste-Anne de Beaupré Shrine near Quebec was erected in 1887, burned in 1922 and rebuilt in 1923.

Like many churches, it was constructed in the form of a Latin cross. It is Neo-Romanesque in style, respecting the Roman style of architecture but using more modern techniques. It rests on solid rock. The granite used came from the quarry at Saint-Sébastien, in Beauce, QC.

The Basilica's central vault is completely covered with a series of mosaic dedicated to Saint Anne. Her life is portrayed in the vault of the central nave and of the two transepts. Her virtues are written on the part of the vault where the nave meets the transepts. Her glorification is depicted in the apse (vault of the Basilica's sanctuary). These mosaics are the works of Mr. Auguste Labouret.


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